Today was so much better hunger-wise! We didn’t argue today!

Breakfast: Via, zucchini muffin, and a banana. But I saved the banana for a snack before I left work.

Lunch: Leftover lentil soup. I love this stuff.

Snack #1: My office roomie found a candy cane in her desk. She gave me a chunk. It was good. AND I took a picture. (Every bite, every time, right?)

Snack #2: Pre-run latte. This is when I ate my banana.

Dinner: Buffalo Chicken Macaroni Bake. There was supposed to be carrots with this, but I burned them. I never burn things. EVER. But the carrots didn’t work out tonight. Oh well. I also poured this much of Nate’s beer, but I think I had 3 drinks. It just wasn’t necessary. So I gave it right back to him.

Dessert: We split an orange. It’s what we do.

Here’s too a good food day!


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