tomato soup with ravioli and sausage

Oh boy, this was good.

Start with some butter in the bottom of a soup pot.

Add an onion, finely chopped.

And a pound of breakfast sausage.

Once the sausage is brown, add 2 cans of tomato soup

and about 6 cups of chicken broth.

Now for the scary part.

Pick out one pepper. Take out the seeds and chop it up really small. Add it to the soup.

I also added about a teaspoon of the paste/liquid that was in the bottom of the can.

Then I added some pasta. About 3/4 of a pound. Today’s option from the pantry was this squash mini-ravioli. I’ve used big macaroni before. And I’ll probably use gnocchi in the future.

Let it cook until the pasta is soft.

And enjoy!

It was a little higher in calories than my usual cooking, but it was so filling and totally worth it.

Let me know if you try anything. Or if you make something that I should try! I’m always looking for new recipes!


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